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Programmes of Study

The School offers four different programmes of study leading to:

M.Tech. (Computer Science)
M.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence)
M.Tech. (Information Technology) with specialization in Banking Technology & Information Security in collaboration with IDRBT.


In addition, the School also participates in the M.Tech. programme in Computational Techniques run by School of Physics.

In all the courses classroom teaching is supplemented with seminars, term papers, minor projects and assignments.

The M.C.A. Programme aims to prepare graduates in all the major areas of computer science, relevant aspects of mathematics and management so that they can take up both technical and managerial positions in industry. The training is rigorous and involves five semesters of course work and one semester of project work.

M.Tech. (Computer Science) is a four-semester course including two semesters of course work and two semesters of project work. This programme is meant for graduates in engineering disciplines and postgraduates in related sciences and as such it includes both fundamental topics and advanced topics for specialisation.

M.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence) is also a four-semester course including two semesters of course work and two semesters of project work. This programme is meant for students already well equipped in computing sciences and as such imparts advanced training in all the major areas of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, such as machine learning, data mining, etc.

M.Tech. (Information Technology) is a four-semester programme including two semesters of course work and two semesters of project work meant for graduates in engineering discipline and postgraduates in related sciences. This unique M.Tech. programme in Information Technology with specialization in Banking Technology and Information Security aims at imparting in-depth knowledge and state-of- art expertise to the students through innovative learning supported by high calibre research and technology leadership to create a pool of responsible and resourceful IT professionals, in particular, for the financial-banking sector.

The general information on admission of sponsored candidates and Foreign nationals in M.Tech. is as follows:

Sponsored candidates: Employees with a minimum 2 years of work experience in IT companies registered with STPI or NASSCOM or Central Government Organisations can apply for M.Tech. admission in CS/AI. For M.Tech. (IT) those working in Banks/Financial institutions with a minimum of 3 years work experience will be considered. Candidates should have requisite qualifications for admission. Sponsored candidates are required to appear in interview only. A candidate seeking admission in this category into M.Tech. (CS/AI) must submit (along with application) the organizations willingness to pay One Lakh Rupees per candidate (one time) to the development fund of the department. Candidates are required to pay usual tuition and other fees as prescribed by the University for other students.

Foreign candidates: Foreign nationals seeking admission in M.Tech. programme should have required qualification. Candidates should have ability to communicate in English. In order to support this ability a good score in TOEFL is desirable. In addition, students should submit a letter of reference.

Note:Sponsored and foreign candidates seeking admission in the M.Tech. CS/AI/IT programmes are exempted from the GATE qualifications.

The Ph.D. programme is offered on full time, part time and external registration basis as per the university regulations. An idea about the areas of research can be obtained from the departmental objectives and faculty profile. A good TOEFL score is desirable for admission of foreign students to Ph.D. A few fellowships are provided by IDRBT for selected research scholars admitted to the Ph.D programme.