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School of Engineering Sciences & Technology

Dean In-charge: Prof. M. Ghanashyam Krishna

School of Engineering Sciences & Technology (SEST) was established with a mission and objective “to pursue high quality research and impart research-led education in emerging multi-disciplinary areas encompassing science, engineering and technology”. SEST started functioning from the academic year 2008-09 by initiating an integrated M.Tech./Ph.D. programme in Materials Engineering. Integrated M.Tech/Ph.D programme in Nano Science and Technology commenced in the academic year 2010-2011. Direct Ph.D. programme in Materials Enginering and Nano Science and Technology have also been initiated. SEST will progressively expand to offer multi-disciplinary programmes in other frontier areas spanning varied engineering disciplines. SEST provides a perfect environment to pursue cutting-edge cross-disciplinary research in engineering sciences and technology by taking advantage of the facilities and expertise available with the well established schools of study at the University, particularly Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer/Information Sciences and Life Sciences. SEST is offering courses/research projects in collaboration with these Schools as well as the Centre for Nanotechnology (CFN), Advance Centre for Research on High Energy Materials (ACRHEM), Centre for Modeling, Simulation and Design (CMSD) and Central Instrumentation Laboratory (CIL) on campus.

SEST is collaborating closely with premier research institutions such as the Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy & New Materials (ARCI), Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), and Nonferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC) located in Hyderabad. DMRL, ARCI, IICT and NFTDC have been formally recognized as SEST’s external research centers. Additionally, SEST is forging close links with diverse Indian industries, too, in an effort to build a vibrant program spanning high-quality scientific and applied research. Full-time faculty at SEST is composed of experienced academic and research scientists and talented, dynamic and enthusiastic young teachers and researchers. School also benefits greatly from the association of Chair Professors of great eminence. SEST would be further recruiting highly qualified staff in the disciplines of current interest. Some of the courses at SEST are being organized in modular form by inviting exceptionally qualified and renowned scientists and technologists from various national research organizations and educational institutions enabling very high standard of courses being offered.

1. Movements, multiplication and intersection mechanisms - Chapter-3

2. Crystalline aspects, stacking faults in close packed crystals - Chapter-4

3. Linear, isotropic elasticity relations

4. List of Equipments

5. M.Tech. Syllabus - 2016