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Infastructural Facilities

State-of-art facilities are available for the students in the Department of Animal Sciences and School of Life Sciences. The funding for the facilities has been through National funding for common programs like DBT-CREBB (DBT funded Centre for Teaching and Research in Biology and Biotechnology) and UGC-CAS (UGC funded Centre for Advanced Studies), in addition to several individual faculty projects. The Proteomics, Genomics and Metabolomics facilities in the School of Life Sciences include 2D electrophoresis, MALDI-TOF/TOF and Q-TOF, Real-Time PCR, Chip maker, Spot picker, microarray set-up, metabolomics facilities for the analysis of small molecules, including LC-MS-MS. The other common facilities include high speed refrigerated centrifuges, ultra-centrifuges, flow cytometer, spectrofluorometer, spectrophotometers, gel documentation system, phosphor-imager, HPLC, PCR machine, liquid scintillation counters, luminometer, oxygraph, bioreactors, French press, lyophilisers etc. In addition, the students have access to Central Instrumentation Laboratory of the University, which contains amino acid analyzer, scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope (TEM), atomic force microscope (AFM), SPR spectrometer, Confocal microscope etc.

The Department has instrument facility that includes flow cytometer, HPLC, gel documentation, PCR machines etc in addition to equipments within the supervisor’s laboratories. The Department also has cell culture, mosquito breeding, insect breeding and pathogen containment facilities. The Department will shortly be acquiring FACS facility funded by DST-FIST program. The Department has state-of-art laboratories (DBT-CREBB) for hands-on training for M. Sc students which are carefully planned into defined modules comprising of techniques in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, protein purification, histology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, immunology and mammalian cell culture.