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K. K. Misra, Ph.D. (Utkal)  ‑ Culture, Environment and Development, Anthropological Theory; Language, Culture and Cognition; Anthropology and Museums

P.Venkata Rao, Ph.D. (Andhra) – Anthropology of Development, Tribal Studies, Complex Societies, and Ageing (Dean of the School).

N.Sudhakar Rao, Ph.D. (Rochester) – South Asian Social Systems, Social Structure, Kinship Studies, Indian Society and Ideology, Anthropology of Communication, Political Anthropology. 

R.Siva Prasad, Ph.D. (Mysore) ‑ Social stratification, Social mobility and social change, Urban Anthropology, Ecology and environment, Peasant studies, Anthropology of development, Anthropological theory. 

B.V. Sharma, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) – Medical Anthropology; Applied Anthropology and Anthropology of Education. 

Romesh Singh, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) – Business Anthropology and Tribal Development Studies. (Head of the Department)

Associate Professors

George Tharkan, C, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) – Kinship Studies, Theories of Culture, Indian Society

Assistant Professors

Shaik Abdul Munaf, M.Sc. (SVU) – Archaeological Anthropology, Ethnoarchaeology, Indian Prehistory

Ratheesh Kumar P K, Ph.D. -

Vikaramindra Kumar,