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Entrance Examination

The Department conducts its M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D Entrance Examinations based on a wide array of different types of questions. Two aspects that are common to the examinations of all these courses is the inclusion of essays and objective type questions to assess the general aptitude and capability of the candidates and their knowledge of the subject for pursuing the course concerned. Each paper also contains a small percentage of objective type questions on subjects of general knowledge and contemporary concern. In addition, for the M.A. examination, the Department may have other types of assessment procedures like the inclusion of short extracts and questions based on it or the inclusion of “fill in the blanks” based on well-known historical facts. The M.Phil and Ph.D examination also assess the students on writing short notes on key concepts in history and one of the essays to be done is necessarily on historiography or historical method. In general, candidates interested in pursuing their studies in the Department are assessed in their intensive knowledge of historical facts and also their ability to comprehend general concepts in history along with their skills in writing about historical narratives in a comprehensive way. Students seeking admission to the M.Phil and Ph.D courses must also take a Viva-Voce examination.