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Programmes of Study

The M.A. programme in Political Science consists of 16 courses (8 core or compulsory courses and 8 optional courses) spread evenly over four semesters. Each course carries four credits. In formulating the entire programme, the Department is guided by the consideration that at the post‑graduate level, students should be familiar with all the sub-disciplines, trends, approaches, and paradigms of Political Science. With this in view, the Department offers core courses on Political Thought, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Indian Political Process, Public Administration and Public Policy. These courses are aimed at acquainting students with the latest political and theoretical trends, making the programme contemporaneous, relevant and useful. There is also a course giving an overview of the major approaches to the study of politics.

After completing these 8 compulsory courses in the first two semesters, students are required to choose 8 optional courses from a considerably long list of special courses. These not only supplement the compulsory courses in the core areas but also offer students opportunities to study such frontier areas like Human Rights, Feminism and Post-modernism.

The M.Phil. course is a two‑semester programme. The students are required to devote the first semester to course work which consists of four courses, each carrying four credits, in the areas of Epistemology, Research Methodology, Advanced Theories and a specialised course in the field of student’s research interest. In the following semester, each student is required to write a dissertation on an approved topic under the supervision of a faculty member.

The Ph.D. programme consists mainly of a research pro­ject (and as required course work) and a thesis on a topic approved by the Department. The thesis should be of a high standard and considered to be a valuable contribution to the area of study concerned. Candidates for the Ph.D. programme are required to submit a research proposal for the intended Ph.D. thesis along with the application for admission. The research proposal should contain hypothesis, goals or objectives, statement of the problem and methods of executing the proposal. This is an essential requirement.