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Activities of the Centre

InPSYght The Center organizes an annual event under the banner InPSYght and offers a free Psychological Awareness and Assessment camp. In the year 2008 this Camp was organized for company Executives, students of different schools and colleges and the general public of the twin cities. In 2009 it was an exclusive event for the University community. The clients are assessed on various psychological parameters ranging from simple reaction time to complex test batteries to know the IQ & EQ.
Teaching: The Centre has innovative approaches to teaching through movies,novels and role play. Movies are screened and used for personality analysis & diagnosis of psychopathology. Discussions are held on and therapeutic approaches.The students are taught micro skills of counseling through role play.

Field Trips: Experiential learning is given emphasis. As part of it the students have field trips to organizations and families to get an exposure to real life situations. This training is found to reduce the gap between theory and practice.

Project work:Every course requires the students to work on an empirical research proposal and submit a dissertation under the supervision of a teacher.

Workshop/Seminars: A National workshop on Trauma and Pain Management was held in August, 2008. Planning and organization of seminars & workshops receive importance as the Center's activity to promote scientific temperament among the students.

Extension Services:
Counseling to the University Students

Faculty members are actively involved in student counseling


Book Launch The first book from the Center titled Coping with Life Stress: The Indian Experience- Authored by Dr. Meena Hariharan and Dr. Radhanath Rath published by Sage was launched. 2008.

Research papers
The faculty have good number of publication of research articles in national & international journals.

Focus of the Activities
- Strong Theoretical Foundation
- Practical training & Field Exposure
- Holistic Development of Students
- Internship for Students
- Field Visits

Experiments on Subjects


  • Counseling Lab-First of its kind in India
  • Experimental Lab
  • Behaviour Technology Lab
  • Bio-feedback Equipment
  • More than 250 standardized Psychological tests

Subject taking Manual Muscular Relaxation

Subject taking Relaxation with Biofeedback