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Inter University Centre for Comparative Study of Indian Languages & Literatures


Given the multilingual and multicultural nature of Indian society, the study of Indian literatures can't be monolingual. One must envision a nodal centre which will be innately comparative in its approach to the study and dissemination of the languages and literatures of India. Thus, there is a need for Inter University Centre for Comparative Study of Indian Languages & Literatures.


  • to highlight the multilingualism and plurality of Indian society which will work positively towards improved societal existence through the historical understanding of the interconnectedness of literary movements and linguistic developments in the subcontinent
  • to move beyond essentialist notions of Indian culture and celebrate the variety of cultural practices while exploring the inter linkages as well as the differences and contradictions
  • to generate comparative and historical profile of all the languages and literatures of India and the impact of historical processes on them
  • to study Indian languages and literatures in the context of their historical and contemporary trajectories
  • to contribute to academic development by promoting collective scholarship and generating inter-related series of translations and research publications that would delineate a comprehensive view of literatures and languages of India
  • to explore the role of bi- and multi- lingualism in shaping literary relations
  • bridge gaps of knowledge of the oral and scripted cultures
  • to contribute to the cultural archive of the country
  • to promote cultural interaction among all sections of the civil society through involvement in the sourcing of material as well as its dissemination
  • Relation of Indian languages and
  • Develop especially non-Euro centric interaction among languages and literatures