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Campus Network Facility

Director: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma


The University of Hyderabad Campus Network Facility came into existence in the year 2004.

The HCU Campus Network Facility(CNF) provides a wide range of IT facilities and services with a state-of-the-art networking environment to support all University students, faculty and staff for their learning, research, teaching, and administration.

Our facilities include advanced network facilities, and powerful central servers, while our services include web-based eMail application, Internet security system, Anti-Virus application, Network services supporting up to the the Distribution switch level, ADSL Modems, and Wi-Fi services.

These comprehensive facilities and services enable members of the University to have the best IT resources and environment for supporting their learning and teaching activities.

It is the mission of the Campus Network Facility to provide advanced and reliable IT services to the University community so that campus fraternity could readily access all the network services anytime and anywhere. We work in support of the vision and mission of the University, to sustain and enhance the University's excellence as an institution of higher learning through outstanding teaching and world-class research so as to produce well-rounded graduates with lifelong abilities to provide leadership within the societies they serve.

Campus Security System

The HCU Security System runs 24-hours non-stop and provide network services to support the IT needs of the University. Each and every user is given a unique user-identification, the HCU Security ID(also known as Internet Login-Id) and an associated Password, which facilitates all members of the University to access a wide range of network services and applications easily through web browsers.

Web based eMail

The CNF works towards the same vision of the University and endeavors to provide the best services available. Free access to the Internet and ample disk storage, are provided to each staff and student to facilitate their electronic mail communication, and participation in open electronic forums.

The HCU Portal provides a user-friendly and easy-to-access interface for University members to access all the centrally-provided IT services including electronic mail, and Intranet services through our high-speed campus network.

Campus Network

To support all the IT services in the University, the CNF has installed a high-speed, sophisticated and resilient campus network infrastructure for the University based on Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and WiFi Wireless LAN technologies. The network infrastructure is managed with enforcement of high security measures, spam and virus filtering and Quality of Service (QoS) bandwidth regulation.

The coverage of the University Campus Network is extensive with more than 4,000 network points and over 14 wireless access points. A ubiquitous network access environment, known as ACEnet (Access-Everywhere-Network), has been established to provide staff and students with wired and wireless connectivity to the campus network.

Wireless connectivity is also available in all public areas in the main campus. Students can easily connect to the campus network and Internet in student residential halls. All the residents of University Campus are provided with access to Internet via ADSL modems. Basically, our staff and students are provided with uninterrupted access to the campus network anytime and anywhere. The HCU campus network is also connected to Centre for Distance Education which is located at Golden Threshold premises through leased line.

Through the high-speed links, University members are provided with the resourceful network connectivity to enhance their research collaborations with other academics on a global scale.

For more information:
mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Application forms for Internet access and mail account (gapps for domain)

2. Help Desk and University Network Usage Policy points 

3. CNF Complaint Registration Form

Some useful information:

1. For Desktop mail clients for accessing the domain - THUNDERBIRD WEB MAIL CLIENT?

2. Important network information - FOR ALL THE NETWORK USERS

3. For MathWorks Product details - TAH MATHWORKS

 "Network/ Internet Service /Complaint Registration: 

  In order to facilitate our efforts in providing uninterrupted Internet service, in case your service gets disrupted report the problem as stated below.

 Internet Service Problem:

 1.    Register a complaint in writing: Put details on the complaint register available on CNF corridor wall mounted-desk. (Hostel warden will be intimated by CNF on email.) 

Register a complaint electronically by sending an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . (With cc to the hostel warden). The details of the complaint should be provided in the prescribed format as shown below. 

In case a Problem is in corridor of a hostel or  in   the entire  hostel,  a written complaint giving details of the problem must be sent  from the Warden’s office.

 Please fill this complaint registration form"


Five day Technical Training Programme in Network administration

CNF Advisory Committee           


Professor In-charge
 Prof. Hrushikesha Mohanty
Member  Prof. Susanta Mahapatra , School of Chemistry 
Member  Dr. Sreenivasulu Karkuti, Life Sciences
Member  Dr. D.V. Srinivas Kumar, Management
Member  Dr. Alok Kumar Mishra, Economics 
Member  Dr. S. Arulmozi, CALTS 
Member  Dr. Atiul Negi, School of CIS 
Member & Convener  Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma, CNF

Campus Network Facility Staff

Director Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma
Systems Programmer

Mr. P. Veerasekhar

Jr. Programmer

Mr. K. Sudhakara Rao

Mr. Prabhudas K

C.O./Prog. Asst. Mr. K. Amaresh Singh
Jr. Computer Operator Mr. Ghan Sham Singh
Office Staff Mr. Gyaneshwar