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Support & Improvement Exam

i) Students securing 'D' grade in the course of a semester may be allowed to improve their marks in one course in a semester. Appearance at such an examination in the course will be allowed only once. No further chance will be given under any circumstances.

ii) The appearance at an examination for improvement should take place soon after completion of the examinations for the semester concerned along with the supplementary examinations within a week of the commencement of the teaching of the next semester.

iii) For the purpose of determining the Division, the better of the two performances in the examinations will be taken into consideration.

iv) The facility for improvement shall be open to all those who want to improve their grade irrespective of the CGPA obtained by them in the examination concerned. However, a student is required to clear all courses of a particular semester in which the student intends to take an improvement examination.

v) For the purpose of award of medals, prizes, and rank, etc., the grades obtained by a student in the examination taken for improvement/supplementary shall not be taken into account. In respect of tie cases actual marks obtained will be taken into account for identifying the topper.

vi) The grade sheet of a student will indicate full information of the examinations taken by him/her. Both the Grades obtained in the 1st and 2nd attempts will be shown in the grade sheets.

vii) Application for improvement examination shall be made by the students concerned to the Controller of Examinations in the prescribed form along with the prescribed Examination Fee within a week of the commencement of the teaching of the next semester.

viii) Students are permitted to avail the facility of improvement examinations to a maximum of four courses of their respective programmes as detailed below: one course at the end of the first semester, two courses at the end of the second semester, three courses (to be taken from I & III semesters) at the end of the third semester and four courses at the end of the fourth semester.

Students who have completed the course without availing themselves of the improvement facility in accordance with the schedule prescribed by the University may be allowed to avail themselves of the unavailed improvement chances within a maximum period of six months after completion of the course. Such exams are to be taken when the regular or supplementary/improvement exams are held.

Note: A provision exists for a special supplementary examination in respect of such students who after completion of the prescribed duration of the course are not able to get their degree due to backlogs. However, students having backlogs due to shortage of attendance, will not be allowed this facility.
Evaluation of M.Phil. dissertation
1. Students are required to take an open seminar on the M.Phil dissertation. Schools/Departments/Centers may hold it before/after submission of the dissertation.
2. A Board comprising of 3-4 members will assess the performance of the M.Phil. candidates at the seminar for 25% of the marks prescribed for the dissertation. The remaining 75% marks for the dissertation will be awarded on the basis of examiners report in accordance with the existing procedure. There is no minimum mark for passing in the seminar.

Evaluation of M.Tech CS/AI/IT and MCA Project Work
1. The Project work of M. Tech. and M.C.A. students will be evaluated in two phases viz., mid-term and final. Mid-term is for 40% and the final is for 60%.
2. The mid-term and final evaluation will be done by a Board of examiners and the students have to present the work done by them.

3.(i) The provisional certificate-cum-consolidated grade transcript will contain the CGPA and the division also. The overleaf will contain classification of the results under letter grade system.

(ii) An additional grade sheet will be given to the students for the courses audited by them without attributing the credits, and also for the courses taken by them having credits which are not counted for the award of the degree and the credits scored by them for the extra-curricular activities like NSS, literacy programme etc. The audited courses will be included in the additional grade sheet, based on the certification given by the teacher concerned and recommended by the Head of the Department and Dean of the School concerned.
(iii) In the degree certificate, the division will also be mentioned.
(iv) In addition to the above provisions, the existing evaluation regulations in the University shall be applicable in the other matters, wherever required.