After a detailed review of the emerging situation and taking a considerate view of:

  1. Railways shutdown and other disruptions to transport infrastructure,
  2. Complete lockdown of 75 districts, including the campus area, and
  3. Latest UGC and MHRD circulars,

the University has decided to compassionately reconsider its earlier order dated 20.03.2020, asking students to vacate the hostels.

Hence, taking into account the interests of our staff and employees as well as the welfare of the students and residents of the campus, a few hostels will be kept open with common and basic mess facilities with skeletal staff.

Also, in light of the provisions of The Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 invoked by the State Government of Telangana towards extraordinary measures undertaken for prevention and control of COVID19 pandemic in the university campus, students who wish to remain on campus will be permitted to do so after signing an Undertaking, taking responsibility for their decision and agreeing to adhere to all safety measures advocated by the state/university authorities.  Such a list has to be maintained and communicated, if required to the statutory authorities. This also firmly implies that those students who have already left the campus will not be permitted to come back until the situation returns to normal, as directed by the State government and university advisory.

Further, all students staying on the campus are directed to comply with the following:

  1. Not to form groups
  2. Take individual responsibility for your own health, by observing “Self-Social Distancing”. Any group formation on the campus will be viewed very seriously and reported to state administration/police as it is in violation of Central/State governments’ directives.
  3. Not entertain any unauthorised person other than their roommate.
  4. Will not go outside the campus, as long as the district is in lock down mode.
  5. The Acknowledgment issued on signing the Undertaking and Valid ID card issued by the University, has to be carried at all times and shown on demand. Non-compliance will be reported to police.
  6. Not to order food from food delivery platforms.
  7. Use of the Campus Health Centre will be restricted to only basic emergency health services.
  8. To alert CMO (i/c) of any emergency situation related to COVID-19 outbreak.
  9. Not to obstruct officers/staff on duty in any manner.
  10. Hostel room should be made accessible for inspection.
  11. Assist university/state authorities for these prevention and control efforts if & when asked
  12. Students whose permanent address is within Telangana state will be required to vacate the hostel by the afternoon of March 24, 2020. They shall not be allowed to sign the undertaking. They may contact the Dean, Students’ Welfare in case of need.

Students are strongly advised to adhere to the above positively. Non-compliance of the above or any other directives issued from time to time, will be viewed very seriously and reported to state administration/police to take due action as per provisions of The Epidemic Diseases Act 1897.

This issues with the orders of the Competent Authority.

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