Meaningful relationships

UoH MoU Committee

Prof. N Siva Kumar
Prof. M. J Swamy
Prof. Nirmal Kumar Vishwanathan
Prof. D. Murali Manohar
Prof. E Venkatesu
Internal Audit Officer
Director (Research & Development Cell)
Member Secretary

Prof. N Siva Kumar
Public Relations Officer

The university looks forward to meaningful and fruitful relationships with nationally and internationally reputed Institutions. Guidelines have been developed in order to support the University’s Schools/Departments/Centres/Offices that seek to establish meaningful institution-to-institution relationships for the benefit of its students, faculty and staff.

Types of collaborations can include (but are not restricted to):

  • Exchange of Students
  • Exchange of Faculty/research scholars
  • Research and Development collaboration
  • Exchanges of Materials (such as library materials) 
  • Assistance in Training related to persons and technical
  • Offering Dual and joint degree programmes


Initiating a new MoU / MoA
A new MoU / MoA is normally dependent on the following factors:

  1. Some previous faculty interaction between the proposed partner institutions
  2. Strong potential for mutual benefit
  3. Compliance with applicable University regulations and legal restrictions
  4. Secured financial and infrastructure support (as necessary)
  5. Coordinators or contact persons to be identified at each institution
  6. Support from all constituents and programmes explicitly implicated in the agreement
  7. A plan for regular programme evaluation and renewal


The Process
All MoU proposals, both national and international will be reviewed by the university MoU Committee to ensure that all of the key questions noted above have been answered, to check for any duplication, and to identify better opportunities for collaboration and network building.

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