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Health Centre

Primary health care and Emergency services


Capt. Ravindra Kumar CMO Incharge
Dr. Rajasree CMO 
Dr. Anupama T. Row CMO
Dr. Gangadhar, C. SMO



Tel: 040-23132400



The Health Centre provides comprehensive primary health care and emergency medical services 24x7x365.

The Out-Patient Department (OPD) functions from 9.00am. to 5.30pm on all University working days.

Doctors are available on call on holidays.

Support services available

Emergency: The emergency cases round the clock are attended by the Doctor on call in the Health Centre and are treated either in the Health Centre or are referred to other university recognised Hospitals depending on the case under the medical supervision.

X-RAY: X-Ray facility is available during OPD timings on all University working days.

Laboratory: The lab conducts basic blood, urine and other Bio-chemistry tests during OPD timings on all University working days.

Pharmacy: Medicines are provided to the authorised patients from the pharmacy-1 during OPD timings on all working days.

Ambulance: The Health Centre provides ambulance service facility during emergencies round the clock.

Health Insurance is mandatory for all the university students to provide health care and to cover expenses towards in-patient treatment subject to a maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/- facilitated by the office of DSW. It is recommended that the insurance card may be collected from the office of the DSW.


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