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Prof. Y. Narsimhulu
914023132711; 914023010834
Specialisation: Non-linear Differential Equations, Differential systems
Research Focus: Mathematics, Higher Education, Human Resource Management, ICT in Education, Educational Management

S. Sudhakar Babu, Ph.D
Associate Professor, UGC-HRDC, University of Hyderabad

: Public Policy, Equality of Opportunities and Dalit Studies, Public Policy for Good
Governance, Policy Studies, Civil Society, Training and Higher Education.
Research Focus: Training, Higher Education and Literacy.

Established in 1987, as a major initiative in augmenting quality in Higher Education, the UGC promoted 66 Academic Staff Colleges. In continuation of knowledge enhancement, new strategies of governance for the promotion of innovations and creativity, the XII Plan guidelines have been proposed to transform the existing academic staff colleges into Human Resource Development Centres. In view of this change, the Academic Staff College is now called UGC- Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC).


The strength of this unit lies in the University of Hyderabad that houses 12 Schools, 46 Departments, and approximately 400 faculty in different disciplines that include Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. University is rated the best among the Indian Universities by Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD).

The university faculty is well trained/experienced both in teaching and research, and many of them earned national and international recognition. The faculty generates a very high amount of extramural research grant. Science Departments, especially, have all the latest equipment to pursue the research in upcoming and established areas of research.

The University has an excellent library, instrumentation and computer facilities. In addition to having access to all these excellent infrastructural facilities of the University, HRDC has a good library of its own with 3780 books, several journals and magazines and a good computer laboratory with 50 systems which provides hands-on experience on MS Word, Power Point, Web Design, SPSS, e-Content, Wikipedia. MOOC and MOODLE to participants.

NewProgramme Schedule for the Academic Year 2022-23

Short Term Program

  1. Workshop and Productivity Tools for Teaching & Learning (Participants Attended:- 55)
  2. Gender Sensitization (Participants Attended:-119)
  3. Workshop on Problem Solving and Programming with Python (Participants Attended:- 51)
  4. Leadership Development Programme (Participants Attended:-108)
  5. Academic Writing (Participants Attended:-89)
  6. Disaster Management (Participants Attended:-90)
  7.  E-Content Development and Online Pedagogy (Participants Attended:-67)

Refresher Courses

  1. Refresher Course on Research Methodology (Participants Attended:-235)
  2. Refresher Course on Information and Computer Technology (Participants Attended:-143)
  3.  Refresher Course on Management and Commerce (Participants Attended:-200)
  4.  Refresher Course on Social Sciences (Participants Attended:-81)
  5.  Refresher Course on English Language (Participants Attended:-86)
  6. Refresher Course on Life Sciences (Participants Attended:-78)