University of Hyderabad is one of the premier educational institutions offering PMRF Scheme.

List of UoH PMR Fellows

PMRF Website

PMRF Lateral Entry Channel-11 (May 2023) Eligibility

PMRF Eligibility Guidelines – October 2022_NCC approved

UoH PMRF Committee

Prof. R. Chandrasehkar, School of Chemistry (Chairperson)
Prof. B. Shamanna, School of Medical Sciences
Prof. KC James Raju, School of Physics
Prof. Anand K. Kondapi, School of Life Sciences
Prof. Salman Abdul Moiz, School of CIS
Prof. B. Sri Padmavathi, School of Maths & Statistics
Prof. Jai Prakash Gautam, SEST (Convenor & Co-ordinator)

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