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Information for the public under the national Act

Assistant Registrar (RTI)
Chief Public Information Officer
Tel: 914023132101 / 2114 / 2237
Email: rti@uohyd.ac.in

University of Hyderabad
Prof. CR Rao Road
Gachibowli, Hyderabad
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First Appellate Authority
University of Hyderabad,
Prof. C. R. Rao Road, Central University P.O
Hyderabad – 500 046 
Telangana, India
Tel: 91402313 2100 / 2301 0245
Fax: 91402301 1089
Email: registrar@uohyd.ernet.in

Organisational Structure

University authority based on UoH Act

Statutory officers of UoH

Departments: Functions and duties

A. Administration:

Establishment: Matters related to maintenance of personal files of the employees. Teaching Appointments, Career Advancement Scheme, Pay-fixation, Other Service matters viz., LTC, Medical etc. Non-Teaching Appointments, Promotions, Career Advancement, Grievances, Maintenance of Annual Confidential Reports, Conduct of Disciplinary Proceedings, Sexual Harassment and various Committees constituted by the Executive Council, Vice-Chancellor etc., from time to time (for both Teaching & Non-Teaching).

Development: Processing and submission of Plan Proposals, Monitoring Budgetary allocations and Specific Purpose Grants. Appointment of Visiting Professors & Guest Faculty, Exchange of programmes, Various Professional Chairs created by Endowment Funds, Fellowships from various Funding Bodies, SAP programmes, Travel Grants and besides this, the department also deals with the Unassigned grants etc.

External Funding and Linkages (EF&L): Extending support to various Schools and Departments (individual faculties). Further, it deals with an interaction of individual Agencies, Institutions, Industries for exploring possibilities towards Funding Research Projects and Consultancy Services.

GAD / Transport: Processing of various advances of the employees viz., HBA, Vehicle Advances etc., Issuance of Uniforms to the Group D employees, Processing of requirement of Printing and Stationery for the University, and also maintains the Office Equipment and Furniture etc., Maintenance of University vehicles.

Reservations: Maintenance of Reservation Roster for all cadres in the University for SC / ST / OBC / PH Direct Recruitment Promotions, Monitoring backlog positions, Providing Statistical information pertaining to enrollment, Recruitment of reserved categories. Allotment of Accommodation in the Quarters, Hostels, Periodical Submission of reports to UGC / MHRD / Parliamentary Committee etc., Conduct of Grievance Committee for SC / STs, Furnishing of Replies to the Parliamentary Questions on Reservation. Verification of SC / ST / OBC claims, Organizing Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture etc.,

Service Departments

Guest House: Provides accommodation for Academic Visitors and other Official Guests of the University.

Central Workshop: Caters to a wide variety of maintenance jobs of the University Carpentry, Fabrication, Welding machine shops, painting and polishing. It provides monitoring of Machinery, Classroom and Office Furniture and maintenance of same and also research requirements of various Departments involving the precision works.

Computer Centre: It is a Central Facility of the University catering the needs of Students, Faculty and staff of Administration and Finance providing training to users to assist research work with the range of Computing Environment backed by considerable expertise.

Health Centre: It is basically meant for comprehensive Primary Medical Care for Students, Campus residents and Employees with round the clock service and inpatient facilities with 10 bedded occupancy. Primarily to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the University Canteen, Administration and Academic Buildings.

Communication Cell: The functions are fourfold maintenance of Telephone, Xerox, Dispatch and Imports.

B. Finance and Accounts

It functions mainly under two sectors viz., Bills and Accounts. The processing and Maintenance of Accounts are maintained in four parts viz., 1. Maintenance of Accounts (Non-Plan) and 2.Development (Plan). 3.Earmarked Special funds. 4.Debt Deposits and Advances. All the proposals are processed and claims settled under the above categories after due verification under relevant Finance and Account norms.

Bills Section: The claims in the form of bills for various types of transactions are received and processed by the Bills Section by duly verifying bills with reference to the relevant financial and administrative rules and then forwarded to Cash Section for effecting payments.

Accounts Section: The processed, paid, adjusted bills are accounted under the relevant heads and subjects in different main classifications i.e., Maintenance, Development, earmarked and debt deposits and advances. Accounts are compelled and income and expenditure, balance sheets are prepared annually and submitted to A.G. audit. The audited annual accounts together with Audit Report and replies thereon, audit certificate are placed before the Court of the University for its approval. The accounts as approved by the Court are forwarded to MHRD for passing the same to be placed before both the houses of Parliament. Revised Estimates for the current financial year and budget estimates for the next accounting year are prepared based on the previous expenditure and future commitment of anticipated expenditure. The proposals are placed before the Finance Committee, Executive Council and the same is placed before the University Court for its approval.

C. Internal Audit Office

Auditing of Procurement, proposals of both Capital and Revenue nature. Verification and counter checking the Bills of Works. Agreements proposed to be entered into for procurement / works of contract. Verification of Pay fixation, final settlement of Employees, Maintenance of Stock register, Adjustments of Advances, Execution of Work Contracts, Physical Verification of Stock. Review of System and Procedures, Implementation and proposing necessary amendments, conducting surprise checks of cash and internal receipts, rendering of opinions on matters sought.

D. Academic and Examinations

All the matters pertaining to items of Academic and Examinations. Conduct of STAC meetings and AC meetings, Conduct of the meetings of Central disciplinary-cum-Grievance Committee for Students, conduct of Dean?s Committees, Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor for preparing a Draft Academic calendar, conduct of University Convocation, Processing of Project Reports of M.Phil., M.Tech and Ph.D Students, Furnishing of information to UGC / MHRD, Issuance of official transcripts to the Students, collecting information required, printing of prospectus and submission of forms every year for admission to all programmes and bringing out yearbook concerning students.

E. University Engineer

Forwarding of proposals for developmental activities i.e., buildings, external services, issue of tender forms and finalization of tenders, execution and maintenance of buildings etc. University Engineer is assisted by the Executive Engineer and others.

Power and duties of Department's officers and employees

Procedure followed in decision making; channels of supervision and accountability

All the proposals are initiated by Section Officer, vetted by Asst. Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Registrar and Vice-Chancellor, as per the rules laid out by Government of India and resolutions by EC, FC and AC from time to time. However, matters involving financial implications are sent for the concurrence of the Finance Department. Most of the major proposals are also cleared by IAO.

Norms set by the Department for discharge of its functions

The University strictly follows the rules and regulations and norms set by MHRD as communicated by the UGC from time to time

Particulars of any arrangement that exist for consultation with or representation by the members of the public

Grievances will be referred to respective committees like Non-Teaching Grievances Committee, Students Grievances Cell & SC/ST Grievances Cell.

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