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SWAYAM is a programme initiated by Government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz. access, equity and quality.

The prime objective of this effort is to take the best teaching learning resources to all, including the most disadvantaged. SWAYAM seeks to bridge the digital divide for students who have hitherto remained untouched by the digital revolution and have not been able to join the mainstream of the knowledge economy.

The University of Hyderabad in its 82nd Academic Council meeting has approved, adopted and started offering courses listed in UGC-SWAYAM platform from the academic year 2018-2019.

In accordance with the UGC (Credit Framework for online learning courses through SWAYAM) Regulations 2016, the following procedure with regard to registration of MOOCs courses by the students of University of Hyderabad is prescribed:

  1. Students of the University can register to the MOOCs courses offered by SWAYAM Platform. 
  2. Further, if these courses are approved by the respective Schools/Departments/Centres which are awarding the Degrees and are floated among the other courses of same or equal credits in that semester, it shall be considered for credit transfer, calculation of CGPA and be reflected in the Provisional Certificate.  Academic units will specify whether SWAYAM courses taken by a student are in lieu of a core paper/elective or is taken as an extra course. Academic units will specify whether SWAYAM courses taken by a student are in lieu of a core paper/elective or is taken as an extra course.
  3. The course mapping of their courses shall be done by the Dean/Head in the e-governance.
  4. To coordinate the registration of MOOCs courses at the Academic Unit level, a faculty coordinator is to be nominated by the Dean/HOD.  The concerned faculty coordinator will forward the results to CE’s Office.
  5. Students can register for a maximum of one courses per semester under MOOCs.
  6. No student shall register for online MOOCs courses during the final semester of his/her programme.
  7. If any students takes a MOOCs course on his own without the approval of the faculty coordinator or the Academic unit, the credits earned will not count for credit transfer, calculation of CGPA and will not be reflected in the Provisional Certificate. Such SWAYAM course can be considered as additional / extra elective / audit/ courses.

This will be followed by the College for Integrated Studies and other Academic Units from 2020-21 for all courses.

University Grants Commission (UGC)

Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

Centre for Digital Learning, Training and Resources, UoH.



e-PG Pathasala


National Academic Depository (NAD)

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC)

Saakshaat-Leverage power of ICT in Higher Education

Distance Education Bureau (DEB)



All India Survey on Higher Education


National Institute of Open Schooling

National Knowledge Network (NKN)




“How to develop a MOOC”: (you need to register as student to go through the complete MOOC)


Dr. Nagender Kumar Suryadevara
Coordinator, UH-SWAYAM
School of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Hyderabad
Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500 046.
Telangana State, India.

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