Benefiting over 400 teachers every year


Duration of two weeks to train faculty in various Universities to understand the importance of linkage between education and society development, philosophy of education and pedagogical skills, research methodology /computer literacy and personal skill development.

Duration of two weeks in Sciences and Social Sciences to update the teachers with recent developments in their concerned disciplines.

Not exceeding one week that includes professional development courses for newly joined faculty, administrators, principals, technical officers and librarians.

In Science and Technology not exceeding one- two days on defined themes.

The Faculty Induction Program is oriented on various generic aspects of teaching, learning, instructional methodologies, assessment and evaluation techniques, ICT enabled teaching-learning and equip them with University Governance and administration. The following Modules will be covered in the training.

  1.  Higher Education and its Ecosystem 
  2. Curriculum designing, Outcome based learning and Choice based credit system 
  3. Teaching, Learning and Assessment 
  4. Technology for Teaching and assessment of I-generation 
  5. Personal-Emotional Development and Counselling 
  6. Research, Professional Development and Academic Leadership 
  7. Academic Integrity 
  8. Constitutional Values, Human Rights & Fundamental Duties 
  9. Environmental Consciousness and Sustainable Development Goals 
  10. Strategic Planning and Management