Medals and Honours

Encouraging excellence in academic performance

With a view to encourage good performance in studies, the University has instituted several donor medals as detailed below:


 S.No. Name of the Medal Course/Subject
Donor Medals
1 M/s Jindal Jubilee Gold Medal M.Sc.  Mathematics
2 M/s Narosa Publishing House Medal M.Sc.  Mathematics (Applied)
3 Prof. S.N.N. Pandit  Gold Medal M.Sc.  Statistics (2019)
4 A.P. Mahesh Bank Medal MCA
5 Bhagwat Saran Agarwal Memorial Medal M.Sc.  Physics
6 Prof. VV Sarma Memorial Medal M.Sc.  Chemistry
7 Prof. A.N. Radhakrishnan Memorial Medal M.Sc.  Biochemistry
8 Sri Jatindra Mohan and Basantilata Medal M.Sc.  Biochemistry
9 KLN Reddy Medal M.Sc.  Plant Biology & Biotechnology
10 Kottapalli Narasayya Medal For a topper who secures highest marks in core subjects of M.Sc.  Plant Biology & Biotechnology
11 Kiran Kumar Medal M.Sc.  Animal Biotechnology
12 Dr. Salam Khan Bio Asia Medal M.Sc.  Biotechnology
13 Pingali Mohan Reddy Medal For overall performance in PG in Life Sciences
14 Electrotek International Inc., Chennai, Gold Medal M.Sc. Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
15 Prof. Radhanath Rath Memorial Medal I.M.Sc.  Health Psychology
16 Smt Rani Devi Pathak and Sri Chandrasen Pathak memorial gold medal I.M.Sc. Physics
17 Sarojini Naidu Memorial Trust Medal M.A.  English
18 C T Indra Endowment Medal M.A. English (2018)
19 Roopchand Chajed (Jain) Medal M.A.  Hindi
20 Prof. P. Ramanarasimham Medal For a topper in M.A.  Telugu who secures highest marks in the following courses put together : i)     Introduction to General Linguistics ii)    Evolution of Telugu Language iii)   Structure of Modern Telugu iv)   Comparative Dravidian
21 Sri Nittala Venkata Somayajulu Memorial Medal M.A.  Telugu – Special Reference to literature (Both Classical & Modern)
22 Mahakavi Dasu Sreeramulu Medal M.A   Telugu with special reference to Classical Literature
23 Sri Darla Abbai Memorial Gold Medal M.A.  Telugu with special reference to Indian Poetics & Literary Criticism
24 Dr. Prakash Moonis Memorial Medal M.A.  Urdu
25 Dr. Naushaba Hasnain and Prof. Syed Mohammad Hasnain Medal For  performance in PG courses of School of Humanities with a preference to M.A. Urdu, if the overall marks are 1% less than the topper in other subjects
26 Prof. Bhadriraju Krishnamurthi & Smt. Shyamala Gold Medal M..A.  Applied Linguistics
27 Andhra Bank Medal M.A.  History
28 Alumni Medal (for a topper in Social Anthropology) M.A.  Anthropology
29 M/s Jindal Jubilee Gold Medal M.A.  Economics
30 Shri P. Pattabhi Ramaiah Gold Medal M.A. Economics (2018)
31  Nataraja Ramakrishna Sharada Devi Medal M.P.A.  Dance
32 Sri S L  Parasher Medal M.F.A.  Painting
33 Canara Bank Medal M.A.  Communication
34 Vasavi Academy of Education Medal M.B.A.
35 SBH  Medal M.Tech.  CS
36 Alekhya Technology Medal M.Tech.  AI
37 IDRBT  Medal M.Tech.  IT
38 Mannapalli Subbaramaiah Medal For overall performance in M.Tech. CS/AI/IT
39 C R and Bhargavi Rao Medal M.Tech. Information Security (from 2020)
40 Tadinada Sri Mahalakshmi Medal M.Tech.  Mineral Exploration
41 Zen Tech Gold Medal 5-Year Integrated M.Tech. Computer Science
42 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Gold Medal  M.Tech.  Materials Engineering
43 Roopchand Chajed (Jain) Medal M.Phil.  Hindi
44 Akhtar Hassan Memorial Medal M.Phil.  Urdu
45 Prof. G.C. Jain Medal M.Phil.  Urdu
46 Prof. Kishore Saran Lal Medal The best M.Phil thesis to be adjudged every year  in History (special reference to Medieval Indian History 11th to 18th Centuries)
47 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Nigam & Smt. Meera Nigam Medal The best Ph.D thesis to be adjudged every year in Plant Sciences
48 Prof. Pallu Reddanna & his Ph.D. and Post Doc. Students Medal a) Should have published the highest impact factor journal in the Dept. of Animal Biology in that particular year.
b) No review papers should be considered for the award.
c) Only first author should be considered.  In case of equally contributing authors the award goes to the author appearing first in publication.
d) Among equally contributing students if the first author appearing in the publication is not from India, then second Indian author appearing in the publication can be considered.
e) Only to be awarded once to a given student.  In case the already awarded student publishes high impact journal in the next academic year also then the award goes to student next in the list.
49 Dr. Bhaskar Raj Saxena Memorial Medal The  best Ph.D. thesis to be adjudged every year in Hindi
50 Dr. K. Kameswari Devi Memorial Gold Medal The best Ph.D. thesis in Telugu to be awarded once in two years (even years only)
51 Dr. (Mrs) Sheela Raj Memorial Medal The  best Ph.D. thesis to be adjudged every year in History
52 Prof. A.S. Dash’s Medal Ph.D.  Psychology (Best Ph.D. Thesis)
Donor Medals for women toppers
53 Prof. M. Shakuntala Memorial Medal M.Sc.  Physics
54 Dr. B. Venkata Rama Sastry Memorial Medal M.Sc.  Biochemistry (in the absence of woman topper), then for overall performance in PG in Life Sciences
55 Smt. Shibani Ray and Dr.Timir Kumar Ray Memorial Medal M.Sc. Animal Biology & Biotechnology
56 Smt. Ravuri Kantamma Bhardwaja Medal M.A.  Telugu
57 A.P. History Congress Medal M.A.  History
58 Prof. G. Ram Reddy Memorial Medal M.A.  Political Science
59 State Bank of India Medal M.A.  Economics
University Medals  for PG Courses (Toppers)
60 M.Sc.  Molecular Microbiology  
61 M.Sc. Health Psychology  
62 Master of Public Health (M.P.H)  
63 M.A.  Philosophy  
64 M.A.  Applied Linguistics  
65 M.A  Comparative Literature  
66 M.A.  Political Science  
67 M.A.  Sociology  
68 M.A.  Anthropology  
69 M.B.A. Health Care and Hospital Management  
70 M.F.A Print Making  
71 M.F.A Sculpture  
72 M.F.A.  Art History and Visual Studies  
University Medals for Integrated  PG Courses   (Toppers)
73 I M.Sc, Mathematics  
74 I M.Sc. Chemical Sciences  
75 I M.Sc. Systems Biology  
76 I M.Sc. Optometry & Vision Sciences  
77 I M.Sc. Earth Sciences  
78 I.M.A Hindi  
79 I M.A Telugu  
80 I M.A Language Sciences  
81 I M.A Economics  
82 I M.A History  
83 I M.A Political Science  
84 I M.A Sociology  
85 I M.A  Anthropology  
SC/ST Medals

The University has instituted medals for securing the first rank with first class among the SC/ST students in various examinations at Integrated and Master’s degree level in the year 1991 – the birth centenary of Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

OBC Medals

The University has instituted medals for securing the first rank with first class among the OBC students in various examinations at Integrated and Master’s degree level from 2019 onwards.

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