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Computer Centre & Campus Network Facility


To facilitate, foster, and support the essential teaching and research goals of University of Hyderabad through the deployment and delivery of essential IT and ITeS domain services to the university’s faculty, staff, and students.

The Computer Centre:

  • Established in the year 1985, as a central facility.
  • Internet services established in the year 1993 with a 9.6 Kbps bandwidth VSAT link from ERNET as a transit node
  • Providing support services related to Teaching, Administration, Finance, Recruitment, Academic & Examination, and e-Governance
  • Technical Training

The Campus Network Facility:

  • Created in the year 2004 with a bandwidth of 2Mbps, progressively expanding to 4, 32, 64 Mbps, via BSNL, 1-Gbps and currently with 2-Gbps bandwidth via National Knowledge Network (NKN)
  • Protected by Firewalls.
  • E-mail, Internet and Web Services
  • Providing wired and wireless services with a reach across the campus
  • Connected to Centre for Distance Education located at Golden Threshold, Nampally premises through leased line.


  • Organizing and conducting ICT computer awareness/literacy courses
  • Resource persons for courses of Schools/Departments/Centers related to ICT
  • Developing and administering University Website
  • Developing and maintaining University Database Server located at Academic, Finance and CNF
  • E-Governance services in the university
  • Provided services as a Mentor for computing and Networking facility at Central University of  Andhra Pradesh, Ananthapur.                             :


S.No. Name Designation Work  Location
1. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma Director Computer Centre/ CNF
2. N Siddhartha  Rao System Manager Artificial Intelligence Lab
3. B Balakrishna Systems Manager Computer Centre
4. M Subhash Chakravarthy Systems Manager e-Governance Cell
5. Ch Rajashekar Systems Manager School of Management Studies
6. C Satya Srinivas Systems Programmer School of Economics
7. P Veerasekhar Systems Programmer Campus Network Facility
8. Md Ali Baig Systems Programmer Automated Admission Office
9. Y Aravinda Systems Programmer Automated Admission Office
10. K Prabhu Das Systems Programmer School of Social Sciences
11. M Raja Rajeshwari Systems Programmer Artificial Intelligence Lab
12. K Sudhakar Rao Systems Programmer Campus Network Facility
13. G Rajender Reddy Junior Programmer CMSD
14 E Rajeshwar Junior Programmer School of Integrated Studies
15. D R P Gangaji Computer Operator School of Mathematics and Statistics
16. K Amaresh Singh Computer Operator Campus Network Facility
17. P Padmavathi Computer Operator Automated Admission Office
18. V Balasubramanyam Computer Operator Computer Centre
19. A Ramachandra Reddy Computer Operator Admin Computer Centre
20. V Shanthaiah Computer Operator Computer Centre
21. Meda Mallikarjun Junior Computer Operator Automated Admission Office
22. Ranga Sunitha Data Entry Operator HR & Legal Cell
23. A Atuchutha Rao Data Entry Operator e-Governance Cell
24. K Balaji Rambabu Office Assistant Computer Centre
25. N Sattaiah Office Attendant Computer Centre


Outsourced Staff

1. P Ramesh Highly Skilled Computer Centre
2. Khasim Raza Skilled Campus Network Facility
3. D Shilpa Skilled Campus Network Facility
4. Gyaneshwar Multi-Tasking staff Campus Network Facility


Advisory cum Purchase committee for the Computer Centre and Computer Network

S.No. Name School/Department  
1. Atul Negi School of Computer and Information Sciences Chairman
2. Dean, Students’ Welfare   Member
3. Chief Warden   Member
4. Sreenivasulu Kurukuti Dept. of Animal Biology, School of Life Sciences Member
5. Alok Kumar Mishra Associate Professor, School of Economics Member
6. S. Arulmozi Associate Professor, Centre for Applied linguistics and Translation Studies Member
7. Sanjay Kumar Sharma Director, Computer Centre & CNF Member Secretary
8. Finance Officer/or his Nominee   Ex-Officio Member
9. Internal Audit Officer / or his Nominee   Ex-Officio Member
9. B. Balakrishna, Systems Manager Computer Centre Convener

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