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Pandemic Alert and Appeal from VC

Dear Students and Colleagues:

There have been reports of sporadic Covid-19 positive cases on our University campus. A cross-section of the community, including students, scholars, teaching, non-teaching, administrative and support staff and their family members have been affected. Because of the upward spiral of the current wave of infections, experts are suggesting everyone to be more careful and responsible. The University appreciates the proactive efforts of the Students’ Union in undertaking the efforts to promote and comply with Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB).

Given the present circumstances, I seek your cooperation in continuing a state of high alert about the rise in infections. Kindly pay attention to the following:

  1. Continue and insist wherever necessary to follow Covid-19 appropriate Behaviour, Mask/Face cover, Safe distance and Repeated Sanitation.
  2. Subject yourself or your colleagues to health consultation or screening as per the protocols laid down in the campus, if you have any deviation from your health condition as the symptomatology of the infections is broader.
  3. In case of any health issue, report to the concerned authorities at the workplace.
  4. Promote vaccination for those above 45 years of age and at the same time, take the behavioural vaccine seriously for yourself.
  5. Keep family members/guardians informed about your health and safety at all times.
  6. Students and scholars may take an informed call to get back to their native places at the earliest possible occasion with information to all concerned in the campus if they plan to do so. University shall not structure its academic activities in a manner that requires you to stay on campus.
  7. As mentioned in the undertaking that is signed by the students and scholars, if the State or Containment authorities take over the campus, the University will be constrained to follow their instructions.

All of us are going through this phase and will come up trumps with the wholehearted co-operation of the entire extended university family!



The University has decided to open up the campus for students belonging to the terminal semester. Please go through these guidelines carefully and adhere to them positively.

  1. Arrange for your own masks, sanitizer, face shields, gloves..etc.
  2. Since they may be coming from different locations, they shall remain in an isolation facility and self-monitor their health for a period as specified below (3) before being allowed to shift to hostels/ attend classes or as required by current guidelines.
  3. Students coming from six states viz Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Haryana and Gujarat will be required to stay in the isolation facility for seven days. Students from other states will be required to stay in the isolation facility for three days before they can move to their respective hostel rooms.
  4. Screening of every boarder needs to be done before they start staying at the hostel. Only asymptomatic boarders should be allowed to join. Symptomatic boarders shall be isolated in the designated isolation facility at the institute, till such time, they are seen by a doctor.
  5. Students having pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, seizures, malignancies, mental health related issues.etc should inform the same in the undertaking or in confidence to the DSW office/counsellors and also list treatment being taken and latest reports if any. Also mention the name and address of consulting doctor. Rest assured of the privacy and confidentiality of the information by the relevant authorities.
  6. Students and all others who will be coming into the campus to their labs or work areas should negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test result only. More details are available in the undertaking and link below.
  7. The test result may be asked to be endorsed by the Medical Officer of the Health Centre and a further rapid clinical assessment and screen will be carried by the health care personnel as applicable.
  8. It is further advised that arrival for first time into the campus from outstation locations be between 9.00am and 5:00pm in order to facilitate these processes.
  9. All other protocols existing for residents already in the campus shall apply.
  10. Those who have arrived in Hyderabad already and completed 7 days of symptom free period and taken a COVID-19 test should also produce the result for further facilitation.
  11. Day scholars wishing to move to hostels in the campus will follow extant guidelines in place.

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